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Review - Beacon Audio Orion's

The Beacon Audio Orion's are a supposedly amazing pair of headphones, for the price ($99.99), but are they worth all the hype?

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The Blue Microphone's Yeti - Will It Match Your Need


The Blue Microphone's Yeti is a triple capsule microphone priced at around $149.99 (available for less money on amazon). So for the money you're going to spend on it, is it worth it?

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Need a New Look for Your iPhone, with Protection in Mind?

The Stealth Armor Full Body Kit is a thin, sleek way to protect your iPhone, without the bulk of a case. Skins have been known to be not very protective, but cool looking. Well not with Stealth Armor! Their skins look good, and not only that, they are super protective! 

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Ever Thought About Getting a Projector for Your iPhone?

  Well NOW YOU CAN! The iPico Portable Projector and Charger is a case for the iPhone 4/4S by Kidigi. It uses a 15 lumen bulb, and it all fits inside of a rather portable case! 

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The Dockem - The Mounting Solution for any Device!

I recently posted my very long, video review of the Dockem mounting system. I'll just give you guys a brief summary of the Dockem, and what I like about it, in case you guys don't want to sit and watch the whole 25 minute video.

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